The Jerusalem Marathon is known as the social marathon. Thousands participate within groups representing a community or social organization.
The RunWithSHEKEL group participated in the last four Jerusalem Marathons, each time numbered over a hundred participants - tenants and employees, workers, volunteers and supporters - who walked or ran in one of the marathon tracks.

Marathon tracks:

  • Full 42.2 km, half marathon 21.1 km, 10 km, 5 km
  • Family race: 1.7 km
  • Community race: 800 meters
The starting line for all the tracks is at the junction between the Knesset and the Israel Museum.
The meeting point of our group ia at the bus stop on the south side of the Ruppin Rd. (museum side), near the starting line.
You can leave a small bag at this point, with your name marked or identifying details, and collect after the race.
The finish: All the tracks, except the community track, end with a big and festive happening in Sacher Park.
The community route is circular, and returns to the starting point. After the route, you can walk a relatively short distance to the happening at the finish zone.

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